My goal is to empower people to become more of who they authentically are, to courageously discover and create their own path. Their unique path that allows them to express themselves in a way that brings them fully alive.

Coaching is a personal development process that enables you to discover more about yourself and your capabilities and strengths in creating the life you want. Based on the belief that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole, we are going to co-create a journey of exploration for you to answer questions like:

  • What do you really want?
  • How can you get there?
  • What keeps you motivated?

Our coaching relationship is designed between you and me in a way that optimally supports you to facilitate your desired change. It could also be described as a sounding board, a resonating space that intensifies the vibration of your wishes and dreams as well as the vibration of your qualities and strengths.

I believe we have the choice to either be inspired or frustrated by the gap between where we are now and where we want to be. In terms of resonance it makes all the difference if we choose inspiration or frustration. The resonating space of our coaching relationship allows you to gain greater clarity about your innate motivations. Together we will discover what is really important to you and what makes you come alive.

Through coaching you will most likely experience some or more of the following effects:

  • greater clarity and focus
  • enhanced self-awareness and self-knowledge
  • developed awareness of intuition and inner knowing
  • increased trust and confidence
  • the feeling of empowerment
  • the feeling of integrity and authenticity
  • greater joy and fulfilment in life and work
  • improved relationships and communication skills

For those who are looking for alignment of body, mind and spirit, the coaching process can powerfully be supported through the body work of Resonance Training.

Restrictive beliefs or behaviours and related emotions are imprinted in our muscular memory. A balanced, flexible and up-swinging movement quality as offered with Resonance Training will facilitate the release of old patterns. Plasticity of movement supports neuro-plasticity, our brain's capability to create new pathways and beliefs.

The power of both Coaching and Resonance lies in the belief that we are always able to change past conditioning. We are not victims of our habits, instead we are always free to make new choices every day and create new habits that serve us.

It is a great joy to increase your level of self-awareness, sense of freedom and confidence through simple and effective body work. And it is not hard work at all. The sound movements of Resonance Training are most of all effortless and enjoyable. The principles are easy to implement in your daily life activities.

You will experience

  • greater clarity of perception
  • greater ease in responding to each situation as it is
  • a deeper connection to your emotions
  • easier access to your innate creativity and resourcefulness.

To fully experience the advantages of Resonance Training plus Coaching I recommend to work twice a month in-person for a 90 minute session over a period of six months. Another option is a combination of one in-person session per month and a second session (45 to 60 minutes) over the phone.

  • Self-authorisation 1: To live a life aligned with your values which are not necessarily your surrounding's or society's values.
  • Self-authorisation 2: To show up as a leader in life. Give yourself permission to make your own choices and act with integrity and responsibility towards yourself and others.

I am especially interested in working with people who have a longing to inspire their surrounding to a new understanding of freedom and responsibility. In these ever-changing, complex times there lies the chance for all of us to rediscover the power of human connection and to co-create a supportive, resonating global community. It starts with every single person to claim their authenticity and worthiness, to meet herself with love and compassion in order to engage with the world powerfully. I believe that the purpose of every human life lies outside the self. True fulfilment does not come from saving our own skin, but from sharing our gifts and talents generously with the world. Independently of outer circumstances like rank and power, everyone can do this. I call this maxim „Leadership as a way of living“ and I want to encourage everyone to claim their own leadership in life and not to wait for someone to save them. I dream of a world where everyone gives themselves permission to fully radiate who they are and inspire others to do the same. There is enough space for all of us to be present.

I coach via Skype or phone and in-person for Berlin based clients.

The length of the coaching process and frequency of sessions are determined by the client in accordance with the coach. I recommend a package of 12 sessions over a period of six months to allow a certain level of depth and sustainability.

The success of a coaching relationship depends highly on the level of resonance between the client and coach. I offer free sample sessions (30 minutes) via phone as an opportunity for both of us to discover if we want to work together. To book a sample session please send me an email (motion@renner-resonanz.com) or call +49 172 5930887.

Wiebke is a powerful listener who helps her clients achieve their goals. She's very good at "reading in between the lines" and finding the overarching theme to focus on. Through coaching, we identified key patterns I needed to work on and started addressing them, so that, by the end of our coaching, I could see the change in my behavior and the real life positive impact. I had filled a lot of the potholes in which I felt stuck and created processes I could use to control my saboteurs. I highly recommend her as a coach!

Kristen van Nest, Comedian & Writer, Los Angeles (US)

In the following I want to share two conversations I was having with my client Eva Freitag, cellist and writer living in Berlin, about her coaching experience. The first conversation took place after three months, the other one after two years of working together.

October 2014, after three months of coaching:

How would you describe your coaching experience?

It was first of all a process of raising my consciousness, to explore and discover what my dreams and goals really are. The next step was to take concrete action steps towards their manifestation in a clearly determined time frame. Coaching means you are supported and challenged at the same time. I would describe it as expanding your boundaries. „Stretch your limits, you are who you think you are!“

What is special about that?

For me it is special to take my dreams seriously. It starts with taking yourself and your longing for change seriously and actually booking your first coaching session. Then your coach meets you with appreciation and support, and suddenly your dreams do not seem to be out of reach anymore. You make the dream part of your life. The coach accompanies you and pushes you when needed.

What has changed for you since we first started coaching?

I am a lot more productive and efficient. Most of the time I am ahead of my tasks and not behind. That is very relaxing! It is always helpful to choose the “leader perspective“ - where I consciously choose to lead my life and to take on responsibility for myself.

How have you changed?

My trust and confidence have grown that I can achieve what I want. I have a greater sense of self-awareness and peace with my own path. I‘m also becoming less dependent on other people‘s opinion and confirmation because I am intensely occupied with what I want to realise. I thoroughly enjoy this connection with myself.

How would you describe Wiebke‘s style?

Wiebke has an accurate feeling for the right balance. Such as the balance between being and doing, between caring and challenging, between creativity and adjustment. She is always looking for an organic equlilibrium, which relates to her background as a Resonance Trainer. It is much more than career coaching. Her approach is holistic. It is about integrating your experience into what you do and who you are. This is what leads to sustainable success and fulfilment.

What else?

Wiebke is one of the few people I have met who is fully present and at the same time completely dedicated to support you in your personal evolution. The more people she inspires to mutual respect and meaningful commitment, the better for our future.

June 2016, after two years of coaching:

What have you accomplished during our coaching together?

I have found a new perspective on the world and myself. I found it liberating to realise that the world we see is what we expect to see. It's our personal decision where we want to direct our attention and what conclusions we make. An objective truth doesn't exist.

How did our alliance serve you best?

I believe, for an artist there is no better coach than someone who knows the stage and what life within the music industry is like as well as Wiebke does. It's a special way of living: everything happens in the moment. You don't have a second chance on stage. That's why the music profession demands extreme standards of professionalism, resilience and presence, which is comparable to high-performance athletes or professions that are in the public eye. Every performer is shaped by these experiences and has found a way to get along with the circumstances and oneself, but that isn’t always the most constructive way. Wiebke has a natural understanding for this way of being with oneself. I didn't have to explain myself as she knows the ups and downs of being a performer. Real change can only happen when there is a clear understanding of the current situation. It was not only her versatility as a coach but also having this understanding that made our coaching relationship so fertile.

How didn't it? Where did it fail?

It just didn't fail! It was very special from the beginning to now and we will continue to share our insights about love, change, the world and human connections in the future!

What has changed for you since we first started coaching?

Everything. The way I am with myself and the way I deal with decisions. I realised that everybody has, in every moment, the choice how to respond to what's happening to us. This was hugely liberating and influences me every single day.

What have you learned most about yourself in the process?

It's astonishing how often you are your own biggest enemy, without even noticing. Quite often, the most challenging expectations do not come from the world around me, but from myself.

What skills have you learned to help yourself?

Self-empathy and self-care. Then the clarity to differentiate what's needed in each situation whether that be being or doing, retreating and recovering or planning to open up new possibilities.

What are you proud of?

I'm proud of believing in myself without having to prove it all the time. I'm proud of my independence and autonomy, of being enough. I'm proud of my talents, which I rediscovered in a whole new way, and which enable me on my path of transformation.

What's next for you?

Learning new skills and competencies. My writing requires me to be playful and creative, as well as having professional abilities, experience, knowledge of the field and reality of the market. I'm curious to widen my horizon and make the next steps into this new land to build my existence as a writer.

What would you say about life coaching and me as a coach?

I'd like to see life coaching be a part of university, or even school education. Learning foundational abilities such as self-awareness, self-care and the conscious creation of one's own path in life is one of the most important conditions that allows us to constructively shape the society we want to live in. I think it's an alternative to politics: instead of trying to find what we want from the outside, we could rather encourage everyone to look for their own inner truth. The greater the awareness of one's own needs and motivations, the lesser the chance to be manipulated or controlled by others.

Wiebke is an empathetic coach who uses her full range of abilities. Time and again, she surprised me with new ideas. Each session followed it's own dynamic path, allowing new insights, correlations and perspectives to emerge. These two years of intense work with her have been such a gift for me! I hope that many others get to experience the power of coaching – in service of their happiness and the overall improvement of human relationships.

Eva Freitag, Cellist & Writer, Berlin

Coaching with Wiebke has helped me to transform stagnation into movement. Through her refreshing presence and ability to listen and ask powerful questions she creates a space that allows me to see clearly, feel clearly and then do what I really want!

Ann-Christin Momsen, Actress, Berlin

Wiebke defines the way of coaching with a unique personal touch which allows her clients to experience quantum travels into their inner worlds. Her natural approach opens gates for individuals driven by outstanding curiosity to explore untapped areas of their inner space.

Mehmet Celik, Manager

Wiebke, You're a ray of sunshine! You cracked me open and let the light out. The space you held for me as a client was safe, alive and full of space so I could see what might come up. You're intuition leads you exactly where I need to go. I got so much out of our time together. Your clients are so lucky to have you. Keep on rocking it!

Alanna Gillis, CPCC, Canada

How would you describe your coaching experience?

It is wonderful to be listened in such an intensive way. To feel there is a really trustful partner at your side who accompanies you wherever you wish to go. Someone who supports and challenges you at the same time.

What is special about that? / What surprised you?

I realized that I had to clarify something important before going ahead. Not to take the third step before the first. So the outcome of the Coaching was different than I thought. But this was really necessary to go through first and in the end the outcome was very valuable for me.

What has changed for you since we first started coaching?

A lot. I have found more access to powerful energies inside myself which I can better recall now whenever needed.

How have you changed? / What did you learn about yourself?

I am stronger now. I have developed my inner strength further. Actually, I am quite courageous.

How would you describe Wiebke‘s style?

The style is very holistic and includes always the whole human being. In combination with the sparkling energy of Wiebke, it is a perfect match.

What else?

I always left your coaching with a really attracting charisma which was noticed by the people around me and I had a clear idea where I want to go. You are such a special person with a great bunch of intuition and positive energy. I always looked forward to the next coaching session with you. It was a profound work but never felt heavy – no, actually it was fun and sometimes quite playful but always with positive results and something to contemplate on. Thank you so much again, Wiebke! You empowered me to take a big step forward towards the realization of my dream!

Verena Nitz, Co-Active Coach, Berlin

How would you describe your coaching experience?

Not at all what I was expecting (but in a good way). So many of the conversations were based on using the imagination and inner thoughts to develop personas and situations which then guided me to answers to my questions. This method allowed me to better understand why I had these questions and to learn more about myself than simply finding the answers would have.

What is special about that? / What surprised you?

The need to be open in sessions was at first quite a worry for me but I quickly found it surprisingly easy to relax and be open with Wiebke. I think this helped me to find out more about myself which I doubt I would have under different guidance.

What has changed for you since we first started coaching?

I am making more of an effort to seek opportunities to develop my skills and personal development. I've been a lot more calm since my sessions with Wiebke and am using techniques discussed to reduce stress and recognise worries that are not relevant in the present.

How have you changed? / What did you learn about yourself?

I've learnt that I am confident in my skills my abilities but need to battle and overcome worries that constantly say otherwise. I've learnt that continual learning and development is a high priority for me when seeking future careers.

How would you describe Wiebke‘s style?

Wiebke's style allowed me to come to my own conclusions and answers with the help of her guidance and prompting. I found this empowering and led me to discover myself and find what values and priorities I have for myself.

What else?

I absolutely loved the sessions with Wiebke. She's a fantastic mentor who was able to empower me to seek my own solutions to problems.

Catherine Ollington, Worthwhile Graduate Scheme, Winchester/UK