No one can grow into their fullest potential unless they are relaxed.


If you are a leader or public speaker Resonance Training will support you to bring more quality of movement and sound to your message.

Resonance Training addresses leaders and public speakers who want to expand their

  • sound quality
  • presence and impact
  • trust and confidence

You will learn how to

  • use the full range of your voice powerfully and effortlessly
  • transmit your emotion authentically
  • reach a deeper level of connection with your audience
  • overcome and prevent stage fright

Your voice can fully resonate when the whole body and the space around you are optimally used as resonance factors.

Resonance Training offers a multi-dimensionally balanced quality of movement through which you will gain a body condition that allows the sound wave to vibrate evenly through your whole body. This quality of movement does not only represent a sound supporting use of the body, but also enhances your sense of trust, freedom and responsiveness to the ever-changing / actual situation around you.

The more frequencies in your voice become alive the more complete your message will become thereby enable your audience to not only hear, but also feel your message. Plasticity of sound opens a space in which your emotion can easily find its way to the audience.

Presence is how we move and sound in relation to the space around us. You reach a sense of completeness when your body, voice and room become one instrument.

"I experienced Wiebke’s coaching when I sought help to manage my anxiety about public speaking and would like to recommend her most heartily. Wiebke’s skill in asking gentle, but powerful questions and holding a space for me and my anxieties with compassion enabled me to face my fears in a safe environment, which directly allowed me to reframe them to focus on my courage in taking on the challenge, rather than the fear. She encouraged me to set up a reminder that has been meaningful and useful to me everyday. She also has a range of powerful techniques that helped me connect more deeply to my voice, so that I could hear myself with confidence. Once I learned these easy techniques in one session with her, I could bring them into play as I practiced my talks and just before I delivered them. They brought me a sense of self-awareness and groundedness that reduced my anxiety and improved my speaking confidence and stamina. I’m delighted to hear that she is now offering workshops as well as coaching as she is a great teacher with a real gift that helps ease those nerves and build confidence, and for us anxious speakers, that can be enough to get us up into the spotlight!"

Fiona Buckland (UK) / Coach, Writer, Speaker

"I've always assumed it's about the power of the message itself. Now I understand I can allow the sound to convey and embrace everything, including the message. Such deep learning. Thanks Wiebke!"

Kate Greenstock (United Kingdom) / Coach

“Working with Wiebke is a transforming experience. Wiebke’s calm, direct and inspiring presence combined with her personal and holistic approach to speaking and presenting helped me find my authentic voice. I gain tremendous confidence in my ability to be an impactful public speaker. I even believe that I can sing now, which I never thought I could do. I highly recommend Wiebke’s resonance training. I am looking forward to working with her again in the near future. ”

Barbara Tremblay (Netherlands) / Leadership Development Facilitator, Coach CPCC, Speaker

“Wiebke is amazing at helping others find peace and balance with what ever situation they find themselves in. She is completely dedicated to what she believes in and she stands tall as a beacon for change, humility and generosity. In a matter of minutes she was able to significantly and sustainably improve my ability to present.”

Andy Moore (UK) / Facilitator, Leadership and Team Development Specialist

“I expected the day to be useful but I didn’t realise just how useful it would be. The content far exceeded my expectations and the personal one-to-one time working on my ability as a public speaker was invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending Wiebke to anyone who wants to work on their presence and impact. I will be using her services again.”

Rebecca Armstrong (UK) / Leadership Development Expert, Coach CPCC, Speaker

“Wiebke used a combination of individual and group practice, and small pieces of content that fitted perfectly what we were experiencing. She´s very intuitive, delicate and sensitive, and has a subtle, precise and bold way of working with each participant. Besides many new things that I learnt, I took a couple of individual insights that have already enriched my presence and the way I am in relationships. I would recommend Wiebke´s resonance training to anyone interested in expanding their range when presenting, and increasing self-awareness of their impact on others.”

Alex Galofré (Spain) / Socio Director at The Coaches, Leadership & Coaching

“I so enjoy our training and the learning has stayed with me because it was experential, in that I experienced it but I learned to see how you felt it too, which was really cool. You really help others uncover a whole new dimension of sound ...and most importantly joy! You are so gifted at unlocking this special joy through curiosity and visuals. I just love it!“

Michelle Maluwetig (USA), Public Relations Officer

"Wiebke has shown me a path to see my voice as a flexible instrument instead of a given reality, which is helpful to me in many daily situations. Her approach is unique and progress was astonishingly fast."

Etta, Berlin

"I would definitely recommend Wiebke to anyone wanting to love their voice. I feel much more comfortable using mine and giving myself permission to really let rip and let people hear me. I was very affected by the warmth and support from you and the other workshop participants. It was very uplifting to get such positive and helpful feedback."

Gill Tunstall (London, UK)

"It was incredible how quickly I found and loved my voice."

Chi Phan (London, UK)

If you want to read more about the background of Resonance Training, please visit Resonance for Musicians.

Everyone is a public speaker. We all speak and move in public and we can always choose to be present, physically and vocally. I recommend Resonance Training to anyone who is looking for a greater sense of self-awareness, clarity of perception or alignment of body and voice.

The quality of your connection to your body influences the quality of your connection with your emotions. Our voice is the instrument that turns the inside out. Uncovering the true and unique beauty of your voice empowers you to express yourself authentically.

Do you want to book your session? Call Wiebke on +49 172 59 30 887 or send an email to motion@renner-resonance.

Although I am based in Berlin I can work with you wherever you are in the world. We can work via Skype or you can come to Berlin for an in-person session. If you have a number of interested people I am more than happy to set up a workshop in your area.

In a Resonance workshop there is space for individual sessions in front of the group as well as body work in group sessions. The advantage of a workshop is that participants have the opportunity to experience the work from both sides, having a real audience and being the audience that experiences how Resonance is applied with others.