"There is enough space for all of us to be present.“ Wiebke Renner


A Resonance Experience addresses leaders and teams who are

  • longing to reach a greater level of connection that allows them to fully access the resourcefulness and synergy of their team
  • looking for new ways to create a healthy, collaborative atmosphere that supports creativity, innovation, development and growth.

A precondition for this is a sense of openness and curiosity to discover something new. A Resonance Experience does not try to analyse current problems and challenges but instead it offers experiences of Resonance, on a physical and a sound level, that empower you to co-create your own solutions from there.

It is built on the belief that the ability to communicate our emotions openly, verbally and non-verbally, is the key to real connection. When we are longing to be seen by the people around us, we have to show up courageously as the person who we really are. Resonance creates an environment where judgement is left behind, where no one is better or worse, and people’s unique strengths are recognised for their contribution to the whole.

A Resonance Experience is an opportunity for everyone in the team to connect with oneself both physically and emotionally as a prerequisite to truly connecting with others.

With Resonance Training the team members will experience

  • how they can be fully present as individuals and tune into the sound of the whole at the same time
  • leading and following from every place
  • how the resonating field empowers you as soon as you empower the resonating field
  • greater awareness for the situation as it really is
  • an enhanced quality of sensory perception, above all listening
  • physical relaxation and its effects on the whole.

The training consists of

  • body work
  • sound games on speaking and singing (in different settings: individually, in pairs, in front of the group, the whole group)
  • facilitated group discussions.

As a member of the team after the Resonance Experience you will

  • fully experience your own strength and uniqueness, physically and mentally
  • feel who you are and what your contribution is to the whole
  • feel and see others in who they really are and what their contibution is
  • you will have a clearer perception of the situation, how it is and what is needed 
  • the team will have an easier flow of creativity and inspiration

As the leader of the team you will learn how

  • to lead the whole as an ever-changing entity, not the individuals
  • to increase your awareness for what is left unspoken
  • to meet your team on eye level
  • to balance your level of responsibility
  • your presence can invite others to be present too.

A Resonance Experience can be designed for the special needs of your team at any length between four hours and three days.

I especially recommend a Resonance Experience as a warm-up for any kind of a development process that further involves mental and cognitive approaches. Resonance creates the optimum foundation to co-create any desired outcome from team building to creative brainstorming.

If you are interested in booking a Resonance Experience please contact me via email (motion@renner-resonanz.com) or call me on +49 172 59 30 887 and we will design the appropriate format for you and your team.

„I had the honour of attending the Resonance workshop of Wiebke Renner. She is a very warm and enthusiastic presence, inviting people to easily open up and share. She was able to make us connect and work together in experiencing our verbal and non-verbal interactions. Especially considering the many newcomers in our group, this was quite an accomplishment. She made us realise how our muscle tension is a very reliable barometer for assessing our state of mind and feelings. It was very interesting to work with her, especially since we mental coaches often focus on the content of our conversations and the mental processes involved. She made us realise that our body can be a very valuable tool in expressing and conveying information to others.“

How would you describe your Resonance experience? Enriching. I realised, once more, how the physical aspects can contribute when communicating and interacting with others.

What especially appealed to you? Wiebke‘s enthusiasm and sparkling personality helped us get over our initial reluctance, despite many new coaches in our group.

How do you integrate your learning into your coaching / leadership / life? More awareness of the physical contribution in coaching by using a relaxed posture, taking more time to relax our muscles and the influence of deep breathing. It helped me to recognise the big advantages of using my body to really express and convey my story.

How would you describe Wiebke's style? Enthusiastic, inviting and very well adjusted to the particular needs of the group.

Marion Soons, GORTcoaching, Netherlands

How would you describe your Resonance experience? It certainly initiated self-reflection on several levels: emotionally, personal effectiveness and cooperation - the fit in the team - and last but not least how I evaluated my own contribution to the team, the so- called added value.

What especially appealed to you? I appreciated the original way of teambuilding and the generated feeling of 'harmony', of togetherness.

How do you integrate your learning into your coaching / leadership / life? I am a part of a whole, so I can co-create beautiful results or act like an obstacle.

How would you describe Wiebke's style? Generally speaking I would say it was excellent.

Ton, GORTcoaching, Netherlands

„Recently I was lucky to be part of Wiebke's workshop at Gort Coaching in the beautiful coach-house in Leusden. As a coach it's my passion to help people to just being themselves, to shine, to be pure in "light". I strongly believe it's just this authenticity and vulnerability which makes a person powerful and present for himself / herself and others. I really enjoyed seeing Wiebke act as an example for exactly that what I most wish for my clients and the people around me. I am grateful for the inspiration she gave us, it means a lot to me!“

Anke van der Vorst, Netherlands

„Wiebke is a leader and a trainer with a soft-spoken, creative and balancing style. She uses her love, compassion and strong will for the benefit of everyone who works with her. Her unique combination of traits (of being strong-willed and perceptive) make space in a room and creates freedom in finding oneself without judgement.“

Tosca Gaakeer, Director of GORTcoaching