Love Your Voice, Berlin & London, coming soon

Workshop for Public Speakers and anyone who wants to enhance their physical and vocal presence 

You know you have an important message to share with the world... but when you get on stage you freeze and you find yourself playing small.

You know you are engaging. You have found a way to appear confident... but it drains you to constantly fight against your fear.

You know what you say matters. You wish you could make a bigger impact... and you feel public speaking could be far easier and more enjoyable.

Well, you've come to the right place.

Love Your Voice offers an intimate and safe space for public speakers to explore the power of Resonance Training, sound-oriented body work. You'll experience the connection between your body and voice and how both together represent the wholeness of your personality. Resonance Training will help you increase you

  • presence and impact
  • trust and confidence
  • sound quality

You will learn how to

  • overcome stage fright
  • transmit your emotions and message authentically
  • connect and engage more effectively with your audience
  • use the full range of your voice powerfully and effortlessly.

Resonance Training offers a sound-supporting movement quality that enables you to use your whole body and the space around you as your instrument. This quality of movement does not only support your physical and vocal presence, but also enhances your sense of trust, freedom and responsiveness to the ever-changing situation around you. The more frequencies in your voice become alive the more complete your message will become thereby enabling your audience to not only hear, but also feel your message.

The workshop consists of

  • an introduction to the foundational principles of Resonance Training
  • body work in a group setting
  • individual sessions in front of the group
  • facilitated group discussions

For the one-on-one work please bring a short piece of text you'd like to present, a section of a talk, a poem or song, anything that can serve as sound material.

Max. group size: 8 people

"Trust me, public speaking is one of the most enlivening and terrifying experiences to which you could open yourself to. Stepping up, standing out and letting yourself be seen and heard demands the courage to be vulnerable. So I'm thrilled to see that the wonderful Wiebke Renner is bringing her Love Your Voice workshop and coaching for public speaking to London. Having been lucky enough to be coached by Wiebke, I really can't recommend her compassionate and intelligent approach enough." 

Fiona Buckland (UK)