Raising Vibrations

Resonance Training

Resonance Training is originally a sound-oriented body work for professional musicians that enables them to fulfil their musical-artistic potential.

With Resonance Training you learn

  • how to reach a body condition that allows the sound wave to resonate evenly through the whole body and
  • how to respond to the sound situation in a way that your body and the room become one instrument.

Resonance Training is also of high value to anyone who wants to find more resonance with themselves and others, in particular public speakers, leaders & teams, coaches & coachees. 

"Wiebke helps others uncover a whole new dimension of sound ...and most importantly joy!"

Michelle Maluwetig (USA)

Increasing your sound quality is a doorway to developing a deeper sense of resonance on many levels.

Some of the benefits are

  • ease and joyfulness
  • aliveness
  • presence and range
  • a deeper level of connection to self and other
  • balancing in- and outside.


I coach spirited men and women who are longing to create a life that deeply resonates with who they are. Coaching is a personal development process that supports you to discover more about yourself and your ability to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

"It is much more than career coaching. Her approach is holistic. It is about integrating your experience into what you do and who you are."

Eva Freitag (Germany)



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September 24/25, October 1/2, January 7/8

Lucerne, Hochschule für Musik

Kurs Resonanzlehre


Are you facing a challenge, lacking fulfillment or a sense of purpose? If we looked at this through the lens of transformation, what might be possible for you?

As of September I'm taking on new coaching clients for a three- or six-month programme. To find out if this is right for you, book your free CLARITY SESSION now. 


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